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Coffee + Scribe is a system aimed at helping you learn and retain lifelong learning skills to master your own destiny by setting your life goals with clarity.

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Developed by Rola Ghasani over many years while raising her three daughters, the Coffee + Scribe method is steeped in practice. Rola is a mentor who actually practices what she teaches. This is more than a theory, the Coffee + Scribe method is a way of being, that empowers you to be the best you can be.
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Living with intentionality is much more than just setting goals: It includes the why and how of those goals and making them attainable, a core tenet of the Coffee + Scribe methodology.


Finding purpose throughout your daily life need not be a big burden. With the Coffee + Scribe system you will learn to approach your days with purpose, efficiently.


Many people go throughout life feeling disillusioned and unempowered. The Coffee + Scribe system is a useful tool to help you become a stronger individual.


With modern life being a whirlwind of tasks and obligations it is very easy to fall into disarray. The coffee + Scribe method will help you maximize your productivity to get to what's important to you.

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